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“We have been very satisfied with Dudley as a mediator.  He works the facts, the law, the parties, and himself very hard.  You will be pleased with the results.”
John C. Taylor, Jr.
Taylor, Day, Currie, Boyd & Johnson
Jacksonville, Florida

“Dudley is an excellent mediator.  He uses creative techniques with both sides and works hard to get the case settled.  My clients like and trust him, which is important in resolving cases.  I highly recommend him.”
Gregory D. Prysock
Morgan & Morgan, P.A.
Jacksonville, Florida

“On several occasions, I found Dudley’s experience in the courtroom served me very well in the mediation room.”
Chris Coleman
Cameron, Hodges, Coleman, LaPointe & Wright, P.A.
Ocala, Florida

“Dudley Birder’s knowledge of how the system works coupled with his efforts and the credibility he maintains with all sides leads to good results.”
Jack Fine
Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A.
Gainesville, Florida

“I wholeheartedly recommend Dudley as a mediator.  His experience litigating complex cases clearly gives him the ability to quickly hone in on the key issues and makes the process more efficient and more effective.  I look forward to working with Dudley on future cases.”
Theodore S. Pina, Jr.
Terrell Hogan
Jacksonville, Florida

“It is with pleasure that I highly recommend Dudley Birder as a mediator to any attorney who would like to get their case settled.  Dudley is the type of attorney who can see all sides and cut through to the issues that really matter.  He is able to bring the parties together while still making all feel comfortable and respected.”
Chris Johns
Law Office of Chris Johns, P.A.
Jacksonville, Florida

“Dudley’s experience proved helpful on several of our important cases and he helped us settle cases the insurance companies were reluctant to settle.”
Steve Bagen
Steven A. Bagen & Associates, P.A.
Gainesville, Florida

“During my experience with Dudley he has exhibited his skill at convincing the partes and attorneys a compromise is in the best interest of all parties.  He gets the job done as good mediators do.”
Lloyd Manukian
Farah & Farah, P.A.
Jacksonville, Florida

“I have worked with Dudley Birder for eight years and he is an extremely hardworking and successful mediator.  I recommend him highly.”
Matthew Posgay
Coker, Schickel, Sorenson & Posgay
Jacksonville, Florida

“I have always found Dudley to be very effective and professional in how he conducts the mediation and would recommend his services to any in the legal community.”
Robert E. Schrader, III
Boyd & Jenerette, P.A.
Jacksonville, Florida

“Dudley Birder’s style and knowledge make him an excellent mediator.  He is an honest broker who will work hard for both sides in an effort to get a case resolved.  I would highly recommend him.”
Joseph T. Kissane
Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A.
Jacksonville, Florida

"I have practiced in the courts of Florida for 26 years.  In that time, I have dealt with countless attorneys in many capacities.  Of all, Dudley Birder stands among those I hold in the highest regard.  He is an accomplished litigator as well as case evaluator.  His demeanor with clients, adversaries and the court is always respectful and professional.  Perhaps the most telling of his attributes is his trustworthiness.  In short, not only is he a good lawyer, but also has the qualities that make a great mediator.  I endorse him wholeheartedly."
Michael DeCandio
Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin
Jacksonville, Florida

“Dudley has the ability to quickly establish common ground.  He then works hard to dissolve remaining barriers so he can enable the parties to achieve a fair resolution of their dispute.”
Christopher Nicholas
Butler Pappas
Tallahassee, Florida

“I have used Dudley several times for mediations.  He is well prepared and works hard to settle claims.”

William T. Stone
Cole, Stone, Stoudemire & Morgan, P.A.
Jacksonville, Florida

“My first mediation in a bad faith case started with the nightmare of my client not appearing in person and instead sending his parents.  Dudley was able to calm everyone, quickly triage the situation and focus on the decision-makers while moving everyone toward a common ground.  Bravo!!”
Tim Babiarz
Babiarz Law Firm, P.A.
The Villages, Florida

“The O’Hara Law Firm has been very pleased with the work done by Dudley Birder when mediating cases for us.  We are very excited he now has three mediation offices, one in Jacksonville as well as in St. Augustine and Gainesville.”
Jeri O’Hara
O’Hara Law Firm, P.A.
Jacksonville, Florida

“As an attorney representing accident victims, I know mediators who understand the importance of cases to the individual litigants, and who will work tirelessly during every mediation to help both sides understand the issues and resolve claims without the risks of trial, are an invaluable resource.  Dudley has done an outstanding job each time I have used him.  He is a top tier mediator and I highly recommend him.
Steven Wingo
The Briggs Law Firm
Ocala, Florida

“Dudley has handled civil litigation cases for Plaintiffs and Defendants and therefore, knows both sides of the street which makes both Plaintiffs and Defendants comfortable.  Our firm resolves almost every case we have with him as mediator and if we don’t settle at mediation he relentlessly follows up until an agreement is reached.”
Gerald Schackow
Schackow, Mercadante & Edwards, P.A.
Gainesville, Florida

“I have used Dudley Birder as a mediator on a number of occasions.  Each has proven to be pleasant and successful.  He bears my hearty recommendation.”
Dennis P. Dore
Dore Lanier Phillips, LLC
Jacksonville, Florida

“It is a pleasure working with Mr. Birder and his staff.  Both my corporation and I have used Mr. Birder for mediations, global settlements and pre-suit matters.  He possesses a firm grasp of the issues and understanding of the law.  Mr. Birder works to resolve matters in an expeditious manner, further, with the help of his staff, scheduling is not a problem.”
Carolyn Altobellis
Law Office of Michelline Haynes Ruth
Jacksonville, Florida

“I have found Dudley Birder to be an experienced, sensitive and persuasive Mediator.  He brings the kind of skill and talent to the process that maximizes the possibilities for a successful outcome.  I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Martin J. Goldberg
Goldberg Law Office
Gainesville, Florida

“Dudley is a highly effective mediator who has utilized his intelligence, imagination and common sense to successfully resolve difficult cases, in which I have been involved.  He is the consummate professional and his experience as a respected litigator allows him to quickly focus upon the key issues in dispute and recommend reasonable settlement options.  He conducts his mediations efficiently and is an active, helpful participant in the negotiation process.  I enthusiastically recommend Dudley’s mediation services.”
Michael J. Roper
Bell, Roper & Kohlmyer, P.A.
Orlando, Florida

“Dudley Birder has provided my clients with extremely effective mediation services.  Dudley’s combination of Plaintiff and Defense work serves my client’s best, as he has an empathetic view toward their situation, as well as being able to provide my clients with a clear understanding of the opposing party’s position.  Such communication provides my clients with an unbiased viewpoint of their litigation posture, and has added greatly in resolving cases.” Jeffrey W. Monroe
Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Monroe, P.A.
St. Augustine, Florida

“I have utilized many mediators over the years.  I would rank Mr. Birder as the most effective and pleasant one of the bunch.”
Timothy M. Goan
Timothy M. Goan, P.A.
Palm Coast, Florida

“A number of attorneys within my firm have utilized Dudley with much success...we would highly recommend him.”
Len T. Hackett
Vernis & Bowling North Florida, P.A.
Jacksonville, Florida

“Mr. Birder has particularly impressed me with his effectiveness in dealing with insurance carriers.  He obviously has great credibility with them.  He also understands my injured clients’ needs and communicates well with them.  Further, Dudley is one of the best mediators I know at following up on cases after mediation.”
Alan E. McMichael
The McMichael Law Firm, P.L.
Gainesville, Florida

“Dudley brings experience and professionalism to his mediations and is not afraid to do what he can to get it done!” Daniel Tocco
Bogin, Munns & Munns, P.A.
Daytona Beach, Florida

“Dudley’s experience as a litigator for both plaintiffs and defendants is a great asset at mediation.  He is practical and persistent.  His experience and abilities help settle cases.”
Greg Jones
Rywant, Alvarez, Jones, Russo & Guyton, P.A.
Tampa, Florida




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